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 In order to give a boost to the Indian economy and to promote corporatization, the government has introduced an all-new section namely Section 115BAA and Section 115BAB to the Income tax act, whereby the governments have declared the tax benefits to those manufacturers who runs the business by formulating company subject to certain terms and condition. The said sections have received welcoming responses all over the nation. By this step of the government, the environment of running the business in India is expected to be more transparent and legalize. Let us discuss these sections in detail in this article. S e ction 115BAA: Section 115BAA of the Income-tax act states that, a Domestic company whether Manufacturer or not, needs to pay income tax at the rate of 22% (plus surcharge and cess) from the F.Y 2019–20 if such company adhere to certain terms and condition as prescribed under the act. After adding a surcharge of 10% and a cess of 4%, the effective tax rate would be 25.17%. A com


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 How are online casinos in India doing? Top 10 Best online casinos that have sprung up recently. Casino Game: An amazing variety of matka online casino slots. Pure Casino: A pure Indian online casino with bonus and promotions for players. Casino Days: Amazing collection of amazing casino games. Blackjack: One of the classic games of the card and it's a favourite at real money blackjack tables too. Satta King: It's an awesome game of luck but also a game that can be played online too. It uses only blackjack numbers and is played with a deck of cards, like the conventional sit and go satta king chart. Baccarat: This game has been around since the 16th century in Spain. Now it's one of the top 10 live casino games. Jokers and other types of special cards can also be used. Card Counting: This is a game that's played in real life casinos and is pretty easy to learn. This is another game that you can get started with after you've learned how to play blackjack sattka matt